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It’s Time to BeSolar

Harness the power of the sun and start producing

your own renewable,clean energy.

paneles solares

Welcome to BeSolar!

The go-to installer of solar systems for your home and business.

Solar Panels

Become Part of the Solar Revolution 
For you and for tomorrow

By going solar you help to create a better future for everyone while saving money on your energy bills.
We all know the world needs to move away from fossil fuels.
Now, after years of research & development in renewable energies, together with favourable legislation, this is the right moment to make the change to solar and invest in a better tomorrow.

Renewable energy

For Your Community and the Planet

By producing your own electricity, you are helping reduce your local community's dependence on fossil fuels. We must all make an effort to walk the path towards a more sustainable future, and there's no better place to start than at home!


The Time Is Now

Legislation here in Sweden now favours the adoption of this technology for households and businesses.

You can claim 20% off your installation price from the Government's Green Deduction, as well as getting tax credits on your energy bills.

BeSolar in 3 easy steps

 Get in Touch

Each project is unique and we want to understand your needs. Get in touch with us here at BeSolar to arrange a meeting to study your project and we'll answer all your questions.

No commitment!

Get a Proposal

Together, we'll design a proposal based on your goals and characteristics of your property. We'll visit your house whenever possible, before giving you a quote.

Still no commitment! 

We take care

of the rest

Once you're happy with your project we'll get to work. As soon as the installation is completed, you'll start producing your own electricity.

As simple as that!

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